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Arvinda's Christmas Chai Spiced Rum Balls

Arvinda’s Christmas Chai Spiced Rum Balls

Rum balls always make a nice addition to a holiday cookie plate. We made some using the sweetness from dates spiced with Arvinda’s new Christmas Chai Masala. Yum, they melt in your mouth.



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Arvinda's Christmas Chai is here!

Arvinda’s Christmas Chai is here!

Introducing…Arvinda’s Christmas Chai Masala (limited edition).

This is a Stocking Stuffer for the Chai Lover! Round up the loved ones. Snow day fun. Crackling fire. Warm up your heart with a comforting cup of Masala Chai reminiscent of the festive holiday season. Sweet cinnamon, warm cloves and zesty orange spices up your jolly cup!

Not only used for a festive spiced tea, try Arvinda’s Christmas Chai Masala in your holiday baked goods, hot chocolates, truffles, shortbread cookies, crepes, scones, cupcakes and more to ‘spice up’ your holiday baking and sweets.

Combine this spice blend with festive flavours such as cranberry, ginger, orange, vanilla, chocolate, apple or pear to create something special for this celebratory time of year. Will share my recipes soon!


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