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nutmegcopyThis February, create a warming Valentine’s menu for a loved one using Indian spices known for their mood-enhancing properties.

Here are five common spices used in Indian cooking that do just that!



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This week I did a guest blog post on Masala Mommas – especially of interest to you lovely readers who have little ones at home whom you’re trying to expose new flavours to.

Here’s the post: 5 Ways To Make Your Indian Meals Toddler Friendly.

Please send me your thoughts and check out Masala Mommas while you’re at it!


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I’ve mentioned before all spices are not created equal.

What makes Indian cuisine complex is the vast number of spices used in any given dish and the techniques used to cook them. Timing is also important as each spice is used at a different stage in the cooking process.

With such a wide array of spices required may make Indian cooking seem daunting to the novice cook. Knowing your Indian spice box will let your Indian cooking come with ease and give you amazing and deep flavours as a result.

Additionally each spice has unique medicinal values, making Indian cooking beneficial to health.

Whole Foods Market Oakville - August 18, 2010

Whole Foods Market always has great workshops.

Join me in an Indian Spice Discovery Workshop at Whole Foods Market Oakville to learn more about these amazing spices, where they come from and how they are used to create simple and delicious Indian dishes. Cooking demonstration of a few dishes included!

Details: Indian Spice Discovery Workshop $20
Whole Foods Market Oakville
301 Cornwall Road., Oakville, Ontario
(conveniently located walking distance from the Oakville GO Station)
August 18, 2010
7:00 pm
Call Whole Foods Market at (905) 849-8400 to register.

Please bring your questions that night as this will be an interactive and intimate workshop. We’ll choose local and seasonal ingredients to create some delicious Indian dishes you can create on the fly!

A teaspoon of: OK GO. Listening to: Oh Lately It’s So Quiet.

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All spices are not created equal. As with searching for a great wine or good olive oil where there is always so much choice and lots of variation in flavour profile and quality, the same can be said about spices too. Spices, being the building blocks of Indian cooking, leave absolutely no room for ‘short-changing’ your dish with stale spices that are ‘past their prime’. The end-result will tell all!

For all your Indian cooking, use nothing but the best quality spices


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